Lisha Blackhurst

Porcelain-skinned beauty, Lisha Blackhurst, is known for her love of dressing up and seriously BIG boobs for her curvaceous frame.

One of the most popular alt glamour models in the UK, Lisha will play any character you want and make all your curvy fantasies come true. So sit back and relax, and imagine squeezing that peachy ass and grabbing a handful of those large boobies.

LISHA LOVES: Horror, cosplay and slowly undressing while you watch.

Lisha Blackhurst Content

Titty Wank Sometime?
Titty Wank Sometime?
Lisha Blackhurst wants to give you a tit wank so bad! She's getting her big boobs ready by massaging them and playing with her sexy nipples.
October 30, 2021
Length 4 min 26 sec
Bangin' Booty
Bangin' Booty
What a tease! Lisha Blackhurst is tempting you with a sexy glimpse of her fine naked ass. The question is... would you bang that booty?
July 08, 2021
Length 5 min 32 sec
Take A Seat
Take A Seat
Take a seat, sit back and relax as Lisha Blackhurst works that black leather chair with a sexy striptease in her suspenders.
July 06, 2021
Pics 131 face is up here face is up here
Something grab your attention did it?
May 20, 2021
Length 4 min 59 sec